It is good to get out and about. I had a day in Oxford with my dad in November. He had been invited to an exhibition because he was writing an article about Patrice Moor for On The Hill.

I met him at the Ashmolean Museum where I was sketching the Triumph of Chastity by Francesco di Giorgio (1439 – 1501/02). The attendants can get a bit funny if you take out paints and pots of water in a museum, so I was drawing with a pen (even that is a bit risky), and I sneaked a quick photo on my phone (another risk). Over a leisurely lunch I was able to finish the sketch – luckily landlords don’t seem to mind potential spillages!

Patrice’s exhibition of Many Hands was well worth the visit. The sketches I made of her work are on my Instagram page. In all it was a grand day out with my dad.