To keep stained glass alive and flourishing the skills need to be shared. I love helping students, from complete beginners to experienced professionals, to reach their artistic potential. Students achieve stunning results because they use the finest sheets of mouth-blown glass that I use myself. I teach glass engraving, painting, leading, designing and all the processes I use in my practice. I also offer an artistic and historic context to students work.

I have a Speedburn kiln that allows the glass to be fired and cooled in just over an hour so many students make an engraved, painted and leaded panel in a day. There are no pattern books or restrictions just beautiful materials, expert tuition, inspiration and creative fun.

For an authentic studio experience I generally have no more than three people in the workshop alongside me. If you can get a small group of up to five friends or family together I can put on a bespoke class at a time that is mutually convenient.

My spacious studio is close to the mainline station in Farncombe (near Guildford), which is 45 minutes from Waterloo by train.

You can join me for some homemade soup and bread or you can bring your own lunch.

Gift Vouchers are available for one-day or two-day workshops and make a great present. The longer the workshop the more you can achieve.

Lectures and Talks

I give talks about my work to arts organisations, museums and groups. Please contact me if you would like more information.

Dates for Workshops 2021

To book a place or join a waiting list email studio@rachelmulligan.co.uk


Sat 4 Sep10am-4pmFULL£150 / person
Mon 13 Sep10am-4pm3 spaces£150 / person
Tue 14 Sep10am-1pm3 spaces£75 / person
Sat 25 Sep10am-4pm1 spaces£150 / person
Wed 29 Sep10am-4pm3 spaces£150 / person
Thu 7 Oct10am-4pm2 spaces£150 / person
Fri 8 Oct10am-1pmFULL£75 / person
Tue 19 Oct10am-4pm3 spaces£150 / person
Sat 23 Oct10am-4pm2 spaces£150 / person
Sun 24 Oct10am-4pm2 spaces£150 / person
Sat 6 Nov10am-4pm1 spaces£150 / person
Sun 7 Nov10am-4pm3 spaces£150 / person
Mon 15 Nov10am-4pm3 spaces£150 / person
Sun 21 Nov10am-4pm3 spaces£150 / person
Mon 22 Nov10am-1pm3 spaces£75 / person
Wed 8 Dec10am-1pm3 spaces£75 / person
Thu 9 Dec10am-4pm3 spaces£150 / person
Tue 14 Dec10am-4pm3 spaces£150 / person

The Studio
1 Furze Lane

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